A little about me

Jason Geller

Thanks for stopping by!

I am currently Director of the Human Neuroscience Lab at Boston College. My research program investigates the cognitive and neurological underpinnings of language processing. I am primarily interested in the mechanisms underlying visual word recognition and speech perception. On the weekends, I spend time with my other love: human memory. In this area, I am interested in semantics, metacognition/metamemory, and desirable difficulties.

My philosophy is that cognition is best understood by looking at both behavior and the brain. To get a better understanding of cognition I use a multi-method approach that involves using standard behavioral measurements (e.g., reaction times), eye-tracking, neuroimaging, and physiological and nuero-physiological indices (e.g., pupillometry,EEG/sEEG).

Most importantly, my research is conducted according to the principles of open science. In my research, I promote open science practices by making all my work accessible and reproducible.